The Google+ Circle You Should Know About

It all started when +Melody Lynn asked for recommendations from “Olbie GPlussers” about who they recommend people circle if just starting out in Google+.  This quickly erupted into 55+ comments with dozens of recommendations of the top G+ helpers known today.

I thought it was a great list, so I quickly compiled the names and shared Melody’s post with my circles. In less than an hour, Ryan Crowe took my list (along with others he felt belonged) and shared his “Invaluable Google+ ‘Getting Started’ Circle” with his 25,000+ followers.

Well, within minutes of Ryan’s shared circle – I started getting notifiied that I was getting added into dozens of circles. I was amazed and humbled that Ryan would include me in his shared circle of Google+ helpers. Before you knew it, Ryan’s circle got shared 37 times, which multiplied the amount of exposure and led to more and more adds.

Within 24-hours, I was dropped into +300 new circles from that one shared circle.  It’s really remarkable to see the power of a shared circle from a G+ influencer like Ryan Crowe and others.

Here’s a brief look at Ryan’s sharing ripples:

You can see how +Gabriel Vasile, Ahmed Zeeshan, and Alireza Yavari’s followers really enjoyed sharing Ryan’s post.  Now, getting into more circles is great — but doesn’t really mean anything yet.  I need to continue my work of trying to help others use Google+ and hope that people who have recently circled me find my content useful enough to keep me around.

Thanks, again Ryan Crowe!


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  1. Great post! We are on G+ and it’s fantastic. Thank you for the great information that every business marketer needs to know if they are using G+.

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