Google+ Consulting & Business Page Management

Google+ has 90+ million members (and is now ranked as the 3rd most popular social network in the world).

Now is the perfect time to start building your brand presence in Google+ and begin networking with fans and potential customers.

I can help you . . .

  • Optimize your page for better visibility in Google+ search
  • Build awareness for your page – and get your page added into dozens more relevant circles
  • Create content strategies to help you engage fans and acquire more +1s, comments, shares
  • Develop a practical strategy to help you accomplish your business goals in Google+
  • Leverage hangouts to help you connect with potential customers and clients
  • Utilize Google+ to help your business website get more relevant traffic

Google+ isn’t just a social network – it’s an important tool to help you grow your business.

And here is my free Google+ Guide for Business (pdf) to get you started on building a killer brand page (along with step-by-step explanations and screenshots to show you exactly how to optimize your page and messaging).  But if you’re looking to move beyond the basics, I can create a custom Google+ business plan for you. Just email me to let me know.

First, I want to know about your goals for Google+ . . .

  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Networking
  • Promotion
  • Improving Search Marketing Efforts
  • All of the Above

I also want to know more about your business and industry to help develop some realistic expectations for your Google+ page.   And after discussing your goals, I can begin working on . . .

Your Step-By-Step Google+ Business Page Blueprint
To Help You Gain Followers, Engage Fans & Build Your Business in Google+

I can provide you a step-by-step blueprint to create an optimized brand page and custom strategy to grow your following and increase engagement for your business page. This “soup to nuts” report will give you everything you need to know to begin building your business in Google+.

Your custom Google+ business blueprint will also provide you with . . .

  • Analysis of Your Google+ Page with Tactics to Improve Your Visibility in Google+ Search
  • Review of Your Competition to Let You Know What They Are Doing (And How You Can Improve)
  • How to Connect Your Google+ page to your AdWords Campaigns to Create Social Ads
  • The Anatomy of an Engaging Google+ Post for Your Industry
  • Strategy to Get Added into Dozens of Relevant Circles within Your Industry Quickly
  • List of Top Google+ Influencers in Your Industry (And Ways to Network with Them)
  • How to Keep to Track of What People Are Saying About Your Business (or Industry)
  • Google+ Checklist to Guide You in Writing Great Google+ Content
  • 25 Google+ Content Suggestions Tailored for Your Business to Help You Engage Fans
  • And Much More . . .

There are no “tricks” to getting added into relevant circles.  You need to provide great content — and I will develop a custom strategy to help you create “likeable” content and ways to network with page admins.

Most of all, this detailed blueprint will give you practical advice to start building a brand page you’re proud of — and is chock-full of “screenshots” and practical examples on how to do this. Furthermore, this Google+ page blueprint doesn’t take weeks to implement. You should be able to take what you learn and apply immediately. Just email me if you’re interested in learning more.

I’m personally invested in anyone who buys my analysis, and I want to help guide you along the way.  That’s why anyone who buys this custom report will get invited to phone calls with me.  I’ll walk you through the strategies I’ve shared, and answer any questions you might have.

And if you have no time to implement these tactics, I can help manage your page for you so that you don’t even have to think about doing it yourself.

You might still be wondering if Google+ is really worth your time and investment.

Well, here are some other ways Google+ can help your business . . .

Google+ Page Owners Can Create
“Eye-Ball Grabbing” Social Ads

Business owners with Google+ pages can leverage their fan base and +1 power to create social ads across Google. These social ads can help your business ads “stick out like a sore thumb” with the addition of pictures of your fans and +1 page counts:

Imagine the possibilities for re-marketing and targeting relevant audiences in the future.  And imagine the power your social ads will have over your competition. Email me to learn more.

Google+ Pages Can Help Brands
Dominate Search Engine Result Pages

If you want to occupy even more space in Google, then you need to take time to invest in your Google+ page.  Some big brands are already dominating the search engine results page — and pushing down competition just because they have a Google+ page. Here’s a recent screen shot of how T-Mobile dominates the page (with their Google+ page below their main site):

Google+ Pages Can Help You
Multiply Your +1s Across the Google Ecosystem

Google is using +1s in its algorithm to help determine relevancy and quality of content. By simply having a Google+ page, you can begin accumulating more +1s, which will add +1 counts to your Google ads.  And as you share your own website content to your fans, you’re more likely to get more +1s on your business website — and this can make you “stand out” in organic search with +1 annotation.

Getting More +1s Can Help You
Gain More Relevant Traffic in Google

I’ve seen the power of +1 annotation in organic search delivering better click-through rates to my website.  Here’s a recent screenshot from my Google webmaster analytics showing the click-through rate % increase when +1 annotation is there:

Now, +1 annotation doesn’t mean you’ll always benefit with more click-through rates since this will vary by keyword query — and Google doesn’t always display it organically.  That said, I’ve seen how the +1 annotation has helped improve click-through rate for my site (and I think it can help you, too).

Google+ annotation can also be added to your ads (which can give your business more credibility with +1 social proof).  Notice how Google +1 annotation appears in their ads:

As you can see, Google+ is more than just networking — it’s about growing your business and getting more relevant traffic to your website.

Email me if your interested in learning more about getting a custom Google+ business blueprint.

Best Wishes,

Michael Delgado
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Professional Background
I earned my B.A. in English Literature at the University of California, Los Angeles and later earned my M.A. in Communications from California State University, Fullerton.  While in grad school, I focused my research on social networking and social media.  I started consulting in all aspects of online marketing 6 years ago and helped businesses with their search engine optimization, pay-per-click management, content strategies, and social media plans.  I’m now focused on helping businesses use social media and Google+ to grow their business. You can read more about my work experience and recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.


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