5 Creative Ways People Are Using Hangouts [Videos]

Here are some creative ways people and organizations are using Google+ hangouts:

Universe Today Astronomers Discussing Discovery of Earth-Sized Planets

Fraser Cain from Universe Today hosts a discussion with astronomers about the discovery of earth-sized planets by NASA’s Kepler recent mission.

Daily Photo Adventure with Trey Ratcliff

Photographers +Trey Ratcliff, +Thomas Hawk, +Scott Jarvie and others talk about photography and share what they’re up to.

Google+ Cooking Experiment: Table for Ten

The creators of this hangout feel that the current model of cooking shows is too outdated – and want to cook with others at the same time. As everyone cooks, they’ll answer questions from others in the hangout and then everyone can eat together at the end.  Here is a brief clip:

Texas Tech University Writing Class Discussing a Paper

An online writing class collaborates on analyzing a paper using Google Docs within a hangout. It’s a great approach to getting students together who may never had an opportunity to study together due to their distance learning program.

Reinventing Education with Khan Academy and AI Class

Khan Academy founder Sal Khan and Stanford professors Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun discuss the future of technology in education. They also conduct their student office hours in hangouts.

Let me know of other creative hangouts you’ve seen — and I’ll add here.

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