7 Google+ Infographics You Need to See

Here’s a list of some of my favorite Google+ infographics:

Google+ for Business

Chris Brogan shared his awesome infographic to help businesses with their efforts on Google+

Who’s Using Google+

The Search Engine Journal shared this infographic that visually breaks down the Google+ demographic.

Google+ Facts & Figures

This recent infographic provides updated Google+ stats on top occupations, cities, pages, people, and other nifty facts.

SXSW Fireside Chat with Vic Gundotra & Guy Kawasaki about Google+

A clever visualization of a fireside chat between Vic Gundotra and Guy Kawasaki taken at the 2012 SXSW event. Vic is in charge of Google+ and shared how the product has grown since the initial launch, some lessons learned, and challenges the Google+ team faced along the way.

Facebook vs Google+

This infographic was originally posted in July 2011, so some of the data is not accurate anymore. However, it’s still a great chart showing how these social networks compare.

Google+ Reaches 100 Million Users Faster Than Facebook or Twitter

It’s estimated that Google+ has 100+ Million members and this infographic breaks down Google+ growth vs other popular social networks.

Google’s Long History of Forays into Social Media

This infographic is a timeline showing all the social Google products from 2003 to 2010. It doesn’t mention Google+ because it didn’t exist in 2010, but it’s still a great chart showing Google’s diligence to creating a social web from the start.

Other Honorable Mentions

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One Comment on "7 Google+ Infographics You Need to See"

  1. Greg Smith says:

    I love G+, too. But not many people in Australia do. It’s had enough time to penetrate and I think it’s los the battle.

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