How to Find More Endorsable “Skills” for Your LinkedIn Profile

Last week, LinkedIn started allowing members the ability to endorse the skills of colleagues.

Each skill you’ve listed will either be validated and endorsed or ignored by your peers.

So now is a great time to start reviewing the skills you’ve listed on your profile. Think about listing all the skills that actually matter to your career – and the skills that others can validate.

The more skills others can validate, the more endorsements you’ll receive.

Here are 3 simple ways to find popular “skills” listed by professionals in your industry:

1. Find “Related Skills” in Your Industry

LinkedIn has a “Skills & Expertise” section that allows you to find related skills of other professionals in your field.  For example, I was curious what skills are popular among people working in social media.

LinkedIn provides a list of related skills shared by people who work in this field:

As you begin clicking on the skill tags (on the left), you’ll find dozens of other related skills you might want to consider adding to your profile.

After spending just 5 minutes clicking through these keywords, I discovered many skills shared by my colleagues that I never thought about including in my profile until now.

As you research, make a note of all the skills that you share and  consider adding them appropriately on your LinkedIn profile (e.g. job description, summary, skills & expertise section, etc.).

2. Review Your “Suggested Skills”

Have you reviewed LinkedIn’s suggested skills for you?

To find your list of suggested skills, click on one of your skills you’ve already added on  your profile and then click on the hyperlink provided in the pop-up box:

Next, click on the “See Suggested Skills” button.

You’ll then be provided with a list of “Suggested skills and expertise for your profile” you may want to add:

The list can be very long and will help you discover other keywords that you may want to include in your profile. This list is also important because it highlights growth for each skill, which can help you see trends and skills you may want to start acquiring.

3. Review LinkedIn Skills of Top Colleagues

As you hunt through lists of popular skills in your industry, make sure to view the profiles of your colleagues that rank well for those skills.

If you know your industry well, you probably already know the thought leaders, so start there.  However, check out the list of other LinkedIn members closely linked to you.  Read their profiles to find out if you missed mentioning a skill they list.

Adding skills to your LinkedIn profile  is not something you do once.  You should refine and add to this list as you improve your skills and knowledge.

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