Google+ News Mashup: December 10, 2011

Here’s what happened this week in Google+ . . .

Google+ Photos Get Automatic ‘Find My Face’ Recognition

With Find My Face, “Google+ can prompt people you know to tag your face when it appears in photos,” Google’s Matt Steiner wrote in a Google+ post. “Of course, you have control over which tags you accept or reject, and you can turn the feature on or off in Google+ settings.” See the Washington Post article.

Google AdWords Ad Featuring Google+ Page Counts in Ads

We just started noticing Google+ page counts and links appearing in footer of certain ads. Page admins have the ability to connect their Google+ pages to AdWords campaigns within Ad extensions, which allows +1 counts to get added together between ads and pages. +1 counts are not currently added correctly since page counts tend to be higher than they list on the ads, but this will probably get fixed in time.

If you’d like to connect your Google+ page, to your ad campaign, simply go to “Ad extensions” tab and view “Social Extensions” to add your page URL.

Manage This Page Button Appears for Page Admins

“Manage this page” button started appearing around December 9th whenever a page admin visited a Google+ page that he or she managed. It’s an easier way to start interacting as the page administrator without having to go back to the main Google+ page to switch profiles. Thanks, Google!

Google+ Suggesting Other People After Circling Someone New

Jeff Dean announced that Google+ will now suggest other people you may find interesting right after adding a person into your circles.

Flagging Comments As Inappropriate Will Get Them Reviewed by Google+

Linda Lawrey reported that if you flag an inappropriate comment an alert says that it will be reviewed.

Google+ Coming To Gmail & Contacts, Including An Automatically Updated Address Book

Google announced that Google+ is being deeply integrated into both Gmail and Google Contacts. Through a widget on the side of your Gmail screen, you’ll be able to see the most recent Google+ post from the person whose email you’re viewing, and you’ll be able to add them to your Google+ Circles right there. See the TechCrunch article.

Google+ App for Android Updated with New Features

You’ll now be able to search posts and people from within the Google+ app, as well as add your +1 to photos and comments, see the ‘online’ and ‘typing’ status of your Messenger buddies, and upload videos and full-res photos.  See the Engadget article.

Google Adding Local Deals to Google+ Mobile Check-ins Next Week

A Google spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that location-based deals will be coming to Google+ next week.  This is going to be a huge win for Google+ in drawing more engagement and users from local businesses and customers that want to know about good deals if using the Google+ app.  See the VentureBeat article.

Google+ Pages Ranking in Google’s Local Search Results

Reports are coming out that Google+ pages are now ranking for local business search queries. This means small business have an opportunity to gain two spots in Organic search by having a Google+ page and Google Places page.  This should be interesting to see what page Google will rank higher (or eliminate). See the ineedhits blog.


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