Google+ Pages Get Notifications, Multiple Admins, Stream “Volume Control” and More

Here is a peek at some of the big changes for Google+ page admins:

Multiple Admins for Google+ Pages

Google is now allowing page admins to have up to 50 managers on a page.  This will help a page become more effective at managing and producing content 24/7.  To add admins, here is the process:

  • After logged into your page, click on the gear icon (top-right corner)
  • Click “Managers” button on left-hand side
  • Add email address of another Google+ members in the “Add managers by email” box
  • Click “Invite”

I’m not able to add admins to my page yet, but here is a screenshot of how it looks when inside page settings:

Volume Slider for Stream Control

Page admins now have a “volume slider” that you will see when viewing a particular circle.  This slider can help you turn up or turn down the amount of content from a circle in your main stream.  For example,  a small business might want to turn down the volume from customer and fan circles — and only pay close attention to competitor pages and industry-related circles. This will definitely help reduce the noise in the main stream (especially once a page has circled thousands of customers and fans).

Notifications in Global Navigation for Page Admins

As Google+ members, we’ve always had the little box in our global navigation that would turn red and count the number of notifications we had.  But when logged-into our pages, we never saw anything.  We were completely blind when our pages were mentioned — and the only way to find mentions was to search for our page names in Google+. It was tedious and time-consuming.  Now, all page admins have notifications, which will help us all network easier. Hooray!

Share Updates from Anywhere in Google+

We finally have the ability to post updates from anywhere within Google+.  Previously, we could only post an update by going to the main Google+ page to share content.  Now, you can be anywhere and post an update because the share button is in the global navigation.  This new feature is made available to all Google+ members (not just pages).

Page +1 Counts Aggregate Number of +1s

The +1 count on Google+ pages now adds up all the page +1s and number of people who have circled page.

This count is not promoted on website Google+ badges, which still only displays the number of people who have +1’d the Google+ page.


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  1. Joel Gratcyk says:

    Any idea when the multiple admins option on Google+ will go live for users?

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