How Google+ Influencers Helped My “Unknown” Page Get Into 500 More Circles Over the Weekend

As a new page owner, I’m documenting all my page posts, shares, +1s, and daily circle counts in a Google Doc. I track everything because I want to know what’s helpful to the page community — and what’s not.  And it’s my goal to share everything that I’m learning.

Last week, one of my page posts got +220 shares, and +1’d over seventy-five times over the course of a few days, which increased my circle count by over 500 people this last weekend.  And it’s continuing to get shares now.

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How to Get Your Page Uncircled: 12 Killer Ways to Lose Subscribers Fast

If you want to hurt your brand page and start getting uncircled fast, here are some killer ways to manage your Google+ page:

1. Only post about your brand

A great way to get uncircled is to just to link to yourself exclusively. Never share other people’s content. Never talk about anything other than your brand. Every post should be about what your company is doing.

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How to Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

As a new page owner, I’ve been studying hundreds of Google+ brand profiles to keep track of how pages engage people.  I’ve also been studying everything from page photo strips to how brands are utilizing hangouts and seeking to circle subscribers.

Here is my growing list of optimization strategies I’m using on the Google+ page:

1. Keep your page tag line under 21 characters if you don’t want words getting cut

When people roll their mouse over your page icon when searching for pages, they will see your page name and the first 31 characters of your page tag line/description. Google’s tag line gets cut . . .

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12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Page on Google Plus

I read a few articles this last week arguing that it isn’t worth your time or energy to create a page for your business in Google Plus.  I believe that now is the best time to start creating a page in Google+, and here are just a few reasons . . .

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59 Thanksgiving Day Meal Tips from Google+ Chefs & Foodies

Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I thought it would be fun to reach out to my Google+ circle of chefs and foodies to get some advice for preparing my turkey and side dishes.

It was amazing to see the power of Google+ circles because I received an abundance of tips for everything from preparing my turkey and side dishes to choosing wines and beers.

If you’re looking to circle some engaging Google+ chefs and foodies, these are some great people to follow.

Check out these Thanksgiving meal tips …
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How to Find Fascinating People in Google Plus

When you’re first starting in Google+, you’ll get recommendations from Google on people to circle based on contacts in your Gmail account.

The trouble for me is that most of my Gmail contacts don’t have Google Plus profiles, and my close friends who did have profiles weren’t active or posting anything. And that’s the reason why I quit Google+ for three months because I wasn’t sure the value of joining another social network without friends already there.

Well, as I began spending a bit more time in Google+, I realized that the network wasn’t built around friendships (like Facebook), it was built about subscribing to people and pages that you think are interesting (similar to subscribing to blog feeds in Google Reader or following Twitter accounts). I also realized quickly that public posts from a “nobody” like me got much more interaction within a few minutes than on Twitter.

This led to my desire to start finding interesting people to follow, so here are some various ways that I’ve used . . .

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Google+ Predictions for Business Pages

Google+ pages just started this month, and it’s exciting to see all the engagement from businesses and Google+ members already.

Google can make a lot more money by helping businesses market smarter on the web, and they can use Google+ pages to help businesses tie everything together.

The following are some predictions on how businesses will benefit by joining the Google+ ecosystem  . . .

Google Checkout Integration

Google will make more money by getting more transactions in Google Checkout, and could easily integrate Google Checkout into Google+ pages to help businesses sell products or “Google Offers.” Businesses could then use sale data to group fans into customer circles based on interests and eventually re-market to again (within AdWords remarketing campaigns, Google+ Circle updates, and targeted AdWords ads based on audiences/circles). Imagine the possibilities.

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Google+ Text Formatting Shortkeys & Shortcuts You Should Know

Here are a few ways to change your text formatting in a Google+ update or message:

Use asterisks to bold words.
*Bold* will become Bold

Use _ to make words in italics.
_italics_ will become italics

Use – to make words in strikethrough
-strikethrough- will become strikethrough

You can also use all formatting together
*-_BoldStrikethroughItalics_-* will become BoldStrikethroughItalics

Add bullets by holding down ALT then 8.

  • ALT+8 makes a bullet
Mention Google+ members by using either + or @
+UserName or @UserName allows you to link to a specific person in a post (and they may be notified of the post depending on their settings).

You can add symbols and other special characters with copy/paste:
  • ☺ ☻ ♥ ♦ ♣ ☾ ♖ ✄ ☮ ♬ ► ◄ ㋡ ♪ ☼  ★ ☛ ☜
Check out this spreadsheet with a complete list of symbol codes.

How to Avoid Getting Uncircled in Google Plus

One of my favorite scenes from “Meet the Parents” is when Jack Byrns has a talk with Greg Focker about “the Byrnes family circle of trust” and warns  him that “once you’re out, you’re out. There’s no coming back.”

And in the world of Google+, getting uncircled can often mean just that: once you’re out, you’re out.

Now, getting uncircled doesn’t mean you’ve done something spammy or offensive. People get uncircled for dozens of reasons; for example: (1) it could be accidental (e.g. someone deleted an entire circle and you were removed unknowingly); (2)  you were deleted when someone was using an Uncircling plugin improperly; (3) you were removed because you weren’t active enough, etc.

Often times, getting uncircled for the above reasons means that those people probably weren’t reading your posts anyway so don’t worry about getting uncircled by them. You didn’t do anything wrong.

This article is concerned with helping you avoid getting uncircled intentionally, and I’ll share some tips to help you stay inside a follower’s “circle of trust.”

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10 Jaw-Dropping Photo Albums on Google+

Here are some amazing photo galleries shared in Google+ . . .

Ron Garan’s #FromSpace and scrapbook photos.

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How Brands Engage Fans in Google+ Pages

It’s been fun to watch how different brands interact with fans on their new Google+ pages.

And since we just started the page, I started following hundreds of different pages to get ideas on how to make our page more fun, informative, and interactive.

Here is a consolidated list of engagement tactics that I’m noticing across popular pages:

  • Inviting fans into YouTube hangouts (or surprising fans by jumping into a fan’s hangout)
  • Asking fans for their thoughts/advice
  • Page admins introduce themselves, which helps show the personal side of the brand
  • Hosting Quizes & Contests
  • Posting important updates along with a picture (since pics often get +1s easier)
  • Sharing pictures and photo galleries
  • Sharing videos
  • Building a community by talking with fans – not promoting themseleves
  • Giving free access to articles usually requiring paid subscriptions (e.g. Boston Globe)
  • +1 comments from fans that you like and respond back

This is just a preliminary list, and I will continually add to this page as I see more ways brands engage fans. Let me know of other engagement tactics here — and I’ll credit you for your contribution. :)

Here are examples of these engagement tactics by brand  . . .

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21+ Creative Photo Strips on Google+ Pages

Since Google+ started allowing people to begin creating pages this week, I thought it would be fun to start showcasing some of the most creative photo strips.  This is a work-in-progress, so please let me know of others that I should add here:


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How to Get Circled: 8 Ways to Get Added Into More Relevant Circles Today

Google+ is a lot more fun when you’ve been added into relevant circles.

Sure, it’s great to be added into hundreds of circles because you’ll get more visibility for your posts, but it’s more important (in the long run) to get added into relevant circles by people who care about what you’re posting.

You see, by networking with people who share your interests will lead to more meaningful interactions for you inside Google+.

Here are 8 tips to help you get into relevant circles today  . . .

1. Optimize your profile to inform others about you.

If you want to get added into relevant circles, you need to introduce yourself in the “About” section of your profile. What do you do?  What are your interests? What type of content do you write or share?  If you don’t tell others about yourself, it’s difficult for people to circle you — or even know what type of circle to add you into.

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How to Optimize Your Google+ Post: 8 Simple Ways to Get More Visibility & Interaction

There are no guarantees what posts you write will get shared, commented on, or +1’d.

Sure, if you’re in thousands of circles, you’ll probably get more interaction faster – but what about those of us who don’t have a big following and want to get the most out of our posts.

Well, here are 7 tips to help you stand-out in the stream or G+ search result (days or even weeks after you’ve posted something).

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10 Circle Management Tips to Save Your Time and Sanity in Google+

The more time I spend in Google+, the more people I’m adding into circles.

The benefit of adding more people into my stream means that I get exposed to more and more interesting people.  The difficulty is making sure not to miss the important updates by the people I really admire.

Here are some strategies that I’m using to optimize my time in Google+ . . .

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