12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Page on Google Plus

I read a few articles this last week arguing that it isn’t worth your time or energy to create a page for your business in Google Plus.  I believe that now is the best time to start creating a page in Google+, and here are just a few reasons . . .

1. Join Conversations About Your Brand

If you want to engage in conversations with people talking about your brand, you should have a business profile so that you can respond back with your brand name. This will show people that you’re listening and care enough about your brand to get involved in their conversations.  This can also help you get more fans for your page.

2. Protect Your Brand Name

Don’t wait for others to start creating pages with your brand name. Create the official page for your business so that people on Google+ know where to find your real profile.

3. Your Fans, Customers and/or Potential Customers are on Google+

Google+ is growing at an amazing rate – and on pace to surpass MySpace in traffic. People are looking to follow brands, and if you don’t have a page, you’re losing opportunities to gain fans just for not having a page up.

4. Own More Listings in Organic Search (And Push Down Others)

When someone searches for your brand name in Google, take more ownership of the search results page by having a Google+ page listed there, too. Why not take the opportunity to take up more space in organic search?

5. Build More Relevant Links to Your Domain & Products

Link to your products, landing pages, and main site in the “About” section to help fans and potential customers find relevant landing pages or sections of your site.

6. Get More +1s in the Google Ecosystem

Google wants to help businesses advertise smarter by using +1s in AdWords ads, websites, and now +1s on pages. +1s help Google determine how relevant a business listing or ad might be for someone. Just as Facebook ads uses social sharing to help increase clicks, Google wants to help businesses get more relevant traffic by tying together +1s to make content more relevant to fans and potential customers.

7. It Takes Less Than 5-Minutes to Set-up Your Business Page.

It literally takes minutes to create a page and upload a logo. Even if you don’t have time to spend writing posts, get your page up so people who are looking for you can circle you. Create your page today.

8. Connect With Your Employees on Google+

Ask your employees on Google+ to participate by asking questions and getting them engaged. It’s a quick way to build a following and get +1s on your page.

9. You’ll Learn More About Your Customers with Google+ Analytics

Google will soon bring in analytics into Google+ pages so you can learn a lot more about your customers and fans, which can help you with your advertising efforts. Imagine the marketing possibilities and intelligence you’ll have when you combine analytics from AdWords, your site, and  Google+ Page circles.

10. Improve Your Advertising Efforts

Imagine the re-marketing and social ad possibilities you will have in AdWords if you have already have an audience in Google+ and potential access to advertise to people who circle your fans (similar to Facebook social ads).  Google makes money by helping businesses profit with AdWords, so it makes sense that Google will use this social network to help businesses advertise smarter.  So make sure you have an audience there when they flip the switch.

11. Don’t Lose Your Opportunity to Be A Thought Leader in Google+

Develop a page around topics important to your business. Get ideas, share, and start a conversation to get people talking about topics important to your business.

12. Utilize YouTube Hangouts for Webinars, Training, etc.

If you have a small business, you can utilize YouTube hangout sessions for phone/chat support, communicating with work-at-home employees, and training sessions. You can also use this video time to get a focus group together of your fans and/or customers.

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