The Most Engaging Google+ Pages (Under 5,000 Followers)

It’s easy to get lots of shares and comments when you have thousands of followers, but what about if you have under 5,000 followers.

Here’s a look at some great Google+ pages with small followings but getting tons of engagement and will continue to grow:

Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop Disasters has under 4,000 followers at the moment, but each posts on average gets over 120+ shares and dozens of +1s and comments.  This shows the power of an engaged picture-sharing community.

Amazing Sharings

This Google+ page is in less than 1,500 circles at the moment and averaging over 100+ shares per post. This page mostly shares random photos.


Even with only 3,500 followers, Infographics often averages over 30+ shares on posts and provides a great variety of infographics for their community. I started following this page about a month ago – and have really enjoyed getting their content in my stream.

Fragile Oasis

Fragile Oasis shares photos, videos and info about the scientific achievements accomplished on the International Space Station. Average posts are getting 20+ shares, along with dozens of +1s and a good assortment of comments from the community. Definitely follow this one.


This page has less than 2,300 followers, but is averaging +20 shares and +20 comments per post. The tagline says it all: People think I’m the best meme on The Internet. I agree.

Let me know of others that should get added to this list.

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