How to Find Your Target Market in Google+

I recently spoke at the Small Business Summit to share how I’m using Google+ for business. During the webinar, I discussed a variety of ways that businesses can begin finding their target market in Google+.

Here are some of the strategies that I shared in my presentation:

1. Search for topics related to your audience or niche.

The first step is do a search for keywords related to your target audience. In this example, I’m looking to connect with ad agencies in Google+. I conducted searches for keywords like: digital agency, ad agency, advertising, marketing, etc.  I found hundreds of pages related to this topic and started following these pages as a first step in networking with them. Since I can only follow other pages, I conducted my search within the “People and pages” drop-down and also looked for the “gray box” page icon to help me identify pages (since I’m unable to follow people with my page until first followed by them).

2. Circle pages that follow pages in your niche.

To find even more relevant pages, go and follow all the pages that circled pages in your niche. This is the quickest way of finding active pages that are already following pages on your topic (and might be interested in following you). You just need to follow them first.  In the example below, I’m looking at pages that circled a relevant digital advertising agency.

3. View ripples of popular Google+ posts related to your topic (and circle those pages)

As you conduct searches in Google+ for your topic, look at the ripples of posts that have dozens of shares.  This is a great way to find pages actively sharing content about your niche topic. If you see pages sharing content related to your niche, you should probably circle them because they might be interested in following you and sharing your posts at some point.

4. Find relevant pages in shared circles 

One of the quickest ways to find pages in your niche is to find shared circles on your topic.  Add the topically-relevant circles into your personal account first, and then share just the pages to your business account. Here are some directories of shared circles to check out:


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