4 More Ways to Get Your Google+ Page Circled

If you’re just starting a page in Google+, it can be a challenge to get followed (especially if nobody is looking for you). Unlike Twitter, you can’t just grow an audience on Google+ by following other people.  You’re restricted from following people until they first follow you.

So how do you get noticed?  And how can you promote yourself to your target market?

I shared 12 strategies to help you get your Google+ page circled in a recent blog post, and want to continue this series with 4 more ways to get noticed and circled:

1. Ask people you respect in Google+ if you could interview them in a hangout.

I mentioned hangouts in the last blog post, but here’s an actual strategy you can use today.  Use your personal account to email or message someone in Google+ that you respect.  Ask him or her if you could set-up a time to interview them in a Google+ hangout about a particular topic. If the person agrees, let him or her schedule a day and time in advance so you both can promote the interview with your followers.  You can further promote the interview by asking your followers in Google+ and other social networks what types of questions they might have for that person. Record the interview so that after the interview, you can post it again and possibly even share a transcript. This is a great way to network with people you respect, and a great way for people to get to know your business.

Photographers +Trey Ratcliff, +Thomas Hawk, +Scott Jarvie have hangouts to talk about photography, and there is no reason why you can’t start hosting hangouts on topics important to your business.

2. Find shared circles about your niche and ask the owner to include you.

Find shared circles that you think you belong in and ask to get included in a future shared circle.  Check out this public Google document with hundreds of circles (organized by category) and look for relevant circles for your business.  Comment on the shared circle and ask if you could get included if you think your business page fits.  If the circle is very important to your business, email the author directly and ask politely to get included. Please don’t spam in comments. Only ask if the circle is relevant to your business – otherwise you might get flagged.  You can also find relevant circles by searching “shared a circle with you” in Google+ or by checking out this awesome G+ Business Page Directory maintained by +Matthew Rappaport.  Paul Allen even asks is there are other VCs that he should add to his circle:

3. Share your own circle of Google+ pages you like on a topic (and include yourself)

Create a circle about your niche and include your business page.  Then, share your circle with everyone that you included. You’ll be surprised how many of them will thank you for including them and will share with their followers. This is a surefire way to get circled quick. Just make sure to create and share this circle from your personal account so that when you mention other people in the post, they will be more likely to get notified. Mentioning people in your business page post won’t notify people unless they are following you. Ryan Crowe shared this circle of Google+ engagers for those just starting out in Google+, and this circle included me, which I was proud to share:

4. Write and share interesting content for your target market often.

If you really want to interact and grow a following on your page, you need to stop trying to promote your business and products all the time. Share interesting content for your target market.  The more content you write about your niche, the more likely you will show up in Google+ queries.  I just did a search for “business” posts, and +John Jantsch was right there this morning sharing some content.


Are you writing and sharing posts your target audience will find interesting every day?  Will you get found in the public stream?

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