10 Circle Management Tips to Save Your Time and Sanity in Google+

The more time I spend in Google+, the more people I’m adding into circles.

The benefit of adding more people into my stream means that I get exposed to more and more interesting people.  The difficulty is making sure not to miss the important updates by the people I really admire.

Here are some strategies that I’m using to optimize my time in Google+ . . .

1. Create a Purgatory Circle for Newbies

When I first started in Google+, I started to add anyone that shared something interesting into my “Probation” circle, which I eventually renamed “Purgatory.”  My purgatory circle is filled with people that I’m unsure about — and I’m not sure how to categorize them yet.  These people might remain in purgatory  until I either categorize them into another circle, or uncircle them.

2. Create a Must-Read Circle for Content You Don’t Want to Miss

This is a circle that I add everyone that I really admire. These are friends, bloggers, and Google+ people that I find fascinating and want to keep up with what they are doing.  I usually read this circle first if I only have a few minutes to read through updates. I’m very picky about who gets added into this circle.

3. Create a Networking Circle to Help You Connect with Others

This is a circle of people that I’m networking with in some way (e.g. emailing with, commenting on posts, sharing their posts, etc.).  These are people that I have similar interests with and enjoy networking with them.

4. Uncircle Inactive People (When Maxing Out) with Uncircle Plugin

Since Google+ limits everyone to 5,000 people, it’s important for me to weed out people who are not active. The Uncircle plugin for the Chrome browser allows you to quickly find all the inactive people in your circle, and then you can hand-pick who you want removed. Please realize whenever using plugins like this that your data and web activity can be accessed. You might want to uninstall after using if you don’t feel comfortable keeping this extension active.

5. Use “Mute this Post” Feature on Popular Public Posts




Whenever I’m adding a comment on a public post with dozens of other people, I often will select “Mute This Post” to avoid getting notifications whenever more people add comments to the discussion.

6. How to Quickly Find People Who Added You

If you’re ever wondering how to quickly find people that added you recently — and you haven’t added them back — simply click on your circle icon, then “People who’ve added you,” and then sort by “Not yet in circles.”  There might be some people there you might want to add into your purgatory circles.

7. Block trolls




If you want to stop someone from commenting on your content or viewing content you’ve shared with circles, you should go to their profile page and click “Block <Name>” on the left-hand side. Once blocked, they won’t even be able to mention you in posts or comments.  They can still see your public posts, but can’t interact with you in any way after getting blocked.

8. Control Who Can Interact with You

As you spend more time in Google+, you may want to consider controlling who can message you or notify you (e.g. mentions in posts, tagged in photos, invited to games, etc.). You can limit who can notify you by selecting just your circles, which can help you avoid getting contacted by strangers in messenger.

9. Disable Comments and Lock Posts to Control Sharing

Sometimes you might want to disable comments or lock your post (so that nobody can share what you’ve written).  This can be particularly helpful if sharing something to only a certain group of people.  This can also help you avoid dealing with negative comments on something you’ve shared — or locking a popular post from getting more comments if you don’t have time to manage them.

10. Use Google Translate Chrome Extension to Translate Posts & Comments

The Google Chrome Translate plugin allows you to instantly translate any post or comment in Google plus. This plugin is a quick way to read through posts from people around the world that you may never had gotten to know because of the language barrier.

I hope some of these strategies help you manage your time in Google+.

Please let me know of what strategies you use by commenting here.

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  1. Blane Daze says:

    This post actually help me a lot and motivate me on managing my circles more efficiently, I had quite a hard time before on managing them after realizing there’s so much I can do with it to make my feed look cleaner and meaningful. Thank you so much for such tips. 😀

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