How to Find Fascinating People in Google Plus

When you’re first starting in Google+, you’ll get recommendations from Google on people to circle based on contacts in your Gmail account.

The trouble for me is that most of my Gmail contacts don’t have Google Plus profiles, and my close friends who did have profiles weren’t active or posting anything. And that’s the reason why I quit Google+ for three months because I wasn’t sure the value of joining another social network without friends already there.

Well, as I began spending a bit more time in Google+, I realized that the network wasn’t built around friendships (like Facebook), it was built about subscribing to people and pages that you think are interesting (similar to subscribing to blog feeds in Google Reader or following Twitter accounts). I also realized quickly that public posts from a “nobody” like me got much more interaction within a few minutes than on Twitter.

This led to my desire to start finding interesting people to follow, so here are some various ways that I’ve used . . .

1. Add a shared circle into your account on a topic that interests you.

Chris Porter manages this open Google spreadsheet with a huge list of shared circles by topic. Review the spreadsheet and paste in the URL of the circle of people that looks interesting to you. Add the circle into your account and within a few seconds you’ll get all those people into your stream. Now your interaction on that topic can begin.

2. Review Google’s Suggestions on Who to Follow Regularly

Go to your current circles and selecting “Find People” to see who Google recommends you should follow.

3. Find People by Topic

You can find people by topic when conducting a Google+ search and selecting “People and pages” to see who Google recommends you check out.


Find people and browse based on location, occupation, gender, relationships, number of circles, etc. with


Find popular people based on dozens of topics with


Get statistics and counts on the most circled people in Google+. You can also get stats and charts on your own account with


Get detailed statistics on any user in Google+ and find the most popular posts by day or minute with


Find people by country, city, occupation with


Find Google+ hangouts by topic, browse people in their directory by tags, occupations, location, and create your own RSS feed for your Google+ updates with


Browse and find people by streams, cities, and tags with


Find people by topic/group and add yourself to get found by others on


Search for people based on lists and topics on


Discover women on Google+ that are seeking to help others use Google+ to thrive personally and professionally with

How are you finding interesting people on Google Plus?

Share your thoughts in our Google+ thread or comment below.

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