How to Optimize Your Google+ Post: 8 Simple Ways to Get More Visibility & Interaction

There are no guarantees what posts you write will get shared, commented on, or +1’d.

Sure, if you’re in thousands of circles, you’ll probably get more interaction faster – but what about those of us who don’t have a big following and want to get the most out of our posts.

Well, here are 7 tips to help you stand-out in the stream or G+ search result (days or even weeks after you’ve posted something).

1. Post something fascinating, funny, and/or useful.

If you want more interaction, you need to provide people with something  engaging. Focus on creating content that you think is funny, fascinating and/or useful — and think about if others might like it, too. For example, this creative picture from John Pozadzides was originally shared on October 18,2011, but continues to get re-shared over-and-over again.  Remember, something you post today might become very popular weeks later.

2. Mention people in your post (when applicable).

If you reference people in your post, they’ll probably receive an alert that they were mentioned (depending on their G+ settings).  Popular people might have this alert turned off since they get mentioned a lot, but average people like me want to know when we’ve been mentioned, so I will read and comment on posts mentioning me.  So referencing people appropriately in a post can get you comments by that person. You can easily reference someone in a post by typing: +[person’s name] or @[person’s name]. Here is an example of Robert Scoble referencing Mike Stenger and Gary Vaynerchuk in a recent post:

3. Use hashtags to categorize your post with keywords.

Join a conversation about a specific topic by adding hashtags to your post (similar to how you add them to a tweet by just adding #KeywordHere). Hashtags can add you to more search results, and help you become part of a conversation on Google+.  Here is a recent hashtag example from M Monica adding a great picture for #FoodFriday:

4. Write a post limited to a topically-relevant circle.

Most of the time, I’m writing public posts for everyone to see.  However, you can actually get a lot of engagement by writing a topically-relevant post for a specific circle to see.  For example, here is post written to people in my food,beer wine circle:

5. Using pictures can help your post stand-out.

Using a relevant picture can help make your post look more visually appealing — and make your post stand-out in the stream of G+ content.  I don’t think it’s necessary to always use pictures, but in my anecdotal experience, posts with pictures often get shared and +1’d the most.  In fact, just sharing a great collection of amazing pictures (combined with hashtags) can get you plenty of interaction.

6. Respond back to comments.

Engage with people who comment on your posts.  Show that you care by responding back and let others know that you’re listening.  Respond back quickly after a thoughtful comment so that others will see your involvement in the post, which might spur others to leave a comment as well. I recently shared a circle of some amazing librarians, and was able to help out someone interested in sharing circles.

7. Post during days/times you get the most interaction.

Pay attention to when your posting to see if there is any correlation to the day/time you post and involvement from others.  Do you get more involvement during your lunch hours, early morning, or late in the day?  Pay attention to your posting times, so you reach the audience you want when they are most likely on.

I will continue to add more tips to this page, so please let me know of others I might have missed here.

8. Join the conversation by writing about a trending topic.

If you want to gain more visibility, write about a trending topic since many people click on trending topic keywords to see what people are saying. You would show up in more streams by talking about a trending topic, and will get noticed more.

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